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Below you will find some of MY all time favorite hypnosis sessions I have done. These are all full length hypnosis sessions available via Pay-To-Views on Niteflirt. Each one is only $1.99 for download. I will be adding more sessions in the near future so check back soon! These are some of the deepest, most erotic hypnosis sessions ever created by ANYONE! I have now done several thousand sessions in MY time as a HypnoDomme. And I am known the world over for MY sensous, dark, and oh so sultry style of hypnotic Domination. you WILL enjoy these ... download away MY pet!
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Princess Porsche
Darkness Falls Hypnosis Session
One hour ... ALONE in the dark ... with ME ... pushing ... pulling ... seducing ... driving .... and DOMINATING your weak little mind ... this session is HOT ... dark ... AND OH SO DEEP ... come to ME ... NOW!
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Hypnaughtica - Psycho-Seduction
Hypnosis Session
This session is 30 minutes in length BUT it is hits hard and digs oh so deeply into your manhood. It makes you CRAVE.NEED.WANT.HAVE TO HAVE release ... IT IS INTENSE AND EROTIC but it places you where you belong ... ummmmmmmmmm in state so willing to please ME to stop the teasing ... um yum.
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Sexxxy Hypnosis Session
60 Minute Erotic Hypnosis Recording. This one teases ... and builds up your "need" to "release" your hypnotic submission in a VERY deep and pleasurable way. you will be aroused into a state of total submissive desire to please ... pamper ... and worship every aspect of MY Feminine Superiority!
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Submissive Tendencies Hypnosis Session
1 hour session being taken OH SO DEEP and played with OH SO HARD ... umm making you weak ... aroused and ummmmmm soooooo submissive ... I am sending a sample out in the about email ... check it out!
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Solitary Confinement 2 Hypnosis Session
1 Hour being held totally under MY control ... alone in the dark ... you are cast into an audiosphere that enthralls ... and moves you to come closer ... embrace MY power more and more ... it is sensuous ... dark ... and UMM so dominating ... ENJOY!
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Hypno-Teased Session (90 Minute Session)
90 minutes of being brought to the edge of tease and denial ... being brought into a state of intense arousal and denied release until I am through with you ... it is sensual ... it is sexual ... it is deviance and its highest most twisted
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Sooooo Hypnotized Goddess Session
This one is HOT ... DEEP ... POWERFUL ... UMMMMMMMMMMMM so long so intense ... sooooooo hypnotized ... gets you deep and keeps you there as I DOMINATE you so strictly ... true divinity!
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B.I.T.C.H. 60 Min. Hypnosis Session
One full hour cradled in MY strong hypnotic embrace being lulled to sleep on the silky strings of MY sultry voice. you WILL be hypnotized. you WILL be mesmerized. you WILL lose all control and hunger for more ... MORE ... MORE ... surrendering it all!
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W.H.I.P. Hypnosis Session
60 minute HIGHLY HYPNOTIC session designed to melt you into a pliable ... submissive .... weakling in which I can have MY evil way with so easily ... MY new Favorite Session this one has it all!
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Outer Limits of The Inner Mind
Hypnosis Session (90 Minutes)
90 minutes of sublime deep dominating hypnosis. Using a seductive and oh so powerful induction I take you down completely and then play with you there for an hour and a half of pure hypno-topia. SO DAMN GOOD!
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ASSimilation Hypnosis Session
60 Minutes of deep dark worship of MY ass for the trigger happy pet who loves having their world wrapped around MY ass and cant wait to have ME whispering sweet nothings into their ears. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM yummy!
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Forbidden Fruit Hypnosis Session
(90 Minutes)
90 Minutes tasting MY sweet forbidden fruits of Domination and Mind Play ... UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM taking you deep down in seductive ... juicy ... trance ... tasting all the goodness ... savoring all the sweet feelings ... enjoying every moment as MY hypnoslave.
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Mesmerization Fixation Hypnosis Session
UMMM so hot ... so wicked and UMMMMMMMM so fucking powerful ... descend into MY world ... down on your knees ... be MY hypnobitch ... as I so softly ... deeply ... probe your inner mind ... making you MY whipped and obedient boy ... UMMMMMM DELICIOUS!
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Hypnotic Force Hypnosis Session
Hypnotic ... Dominant ... UMMMMMMMM and oh so deep sensual session ... designed to warp your mind around MY pinky finger and make you MY little awestruck boytoy ... which I play with in that special hypnotic way!
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Hypnopet Hypnosis Session
UMMMM so deep and sensual ... so intoxicating and weakening .... such perfect hypnotic ability ... designed to penetrate and conquer ... just accept and open .... download and endulge ... ummm this one is VERY deep.
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The Shadowlands Hypnosis Session
35 minute dark journey into the subconcious realm where the darkness over powers and comforts you and where I can penetrate your mind on it's deepest level .... so relax .. listen and let go for one amazing experience!
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Deeper Than Ever Hypnosis Session
Almost 40 minutes of deep ... DEEEEEP .... DEEEEEEEEEEEP trance inducing ... submission causing ... weakened beyond belief ... hypnosis ... REALLY GREAT SESSION ... too damn good to miss ... GET IT NOW!
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The Dark Temptress Session
Deep, deep, dark submission session ... taking you down so deep you lose all resistance to MY dark temptations ... very sensual ... very mentally stimulating on the darkest of levels. This is a GOOOOOOOOD one ... scratch that ... a GREEEAAAT one! (27 min. mp3)
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SubMissive Staircase Hypnosis Session
(1:07 min session)
This is absolutely POWERFUL. Over an hour of MY seductive sweet hypnotic control. This session takes you deep quickly and holds you there captive to MY voice ... it is an escape into Porschedom you just can't miss!!!!!
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G-Spot Hypnosis Session Session
30 FULL minutes of hypnotic domination. Seriously hard hitting, dominant and devilish ... this one is INTENSE. UMMMMMMMMMMMM such a powerful dose of Porsche Power ... making you feel sooooo weak and soooooooo out of control ... so limp and at MY command ...
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Cascade Hypnosis Session
33 minutes of pure hypnotic pleasure. I have used a soothing "cascade" technique that flows in layers over and over again insuring a deep and powerful experience. There is no true ending to this session it just free flows.
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Hidden Layers Hypnosis Session
30 minute session designed to slowly and gently peel away all layers exposing just your submissive need to worship this powerful and Dominant Goddess ... UMMMM so deep and refreshing ... seductive and sensual ... and STRONG!
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Clockwork Hypnosis Session
30+ minutes spent ticking away to MY sweet sounds. Gradually being swept under into the realm of hypnotic submission you so crave. This session, like time, has no ending ... it will loop for as long as you like being under MY sweet hypnotic control.
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Mental Picture Hypnosis Session
30 minute slow ride into hypnotic wonderland ... penetrated deep and hard in MY soft sensual way ... UMMMMMMM so good and deep ... so UMMMMMM UMMMMMMMMMM yummy! This one is a sweet trip into sensation and sensuality.
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Under your Skin Hypnosis Session
DEEP trance experience that I feel is one of MY best sessions to date. Sensual and powerful it captures you from the beginning and then just sucks you in and down quickly.
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60 Minute Hypnotic Surrender Hypnosis Session
60 + minutes of hypnosis. NO repeats ... just one full length DEEP intense session for those that crave that endless experience. Lose yourself completely in this VERY special session. I am truly excited to share this amazing hypnotic experience.
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69 Hypnosis Session
A full hour in length this session is HOT. I find it to be sensual and seductive. I have created the perfect background beats and set the mood for another great escape into Porschedom. Sooooooo good!
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Oral Fixation
Deep penetration to make your toungue and your will MY pleasure palace play things. UMMMMMM seducing you into MY service, trapped within MY thighs and MY world ... entranced into being MY total love puppet ... UMMMMMMM HOT!
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Sinsuality Hypnosis Session
22 Minutes of unique sensual hypnosis. Triggering your mind to service ME ... to crave ME in the most primal of ways ... wicked with a capital W ... Ummmmm and so sexy ...
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Triple Header Hypnosis Sessions
3 Sessions playable together or on their own, designed to bring you down on your knees, make you eager to please, and obey MY every little Princess wish ... as only Princess Porsche can do. Sexy, Sensual & Strict.
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Melting Man Hypnosis Session
Full length hot as hell session to slowly melt you away into a VERY willing submissive man ... UMMMMMM sooooooo hot ..... so sensual ... sooooooo good.
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subLIMINAL Hypnosis Session
Deep hypnotic subliminal messages resound through this intensely satisfying session designed to knock your ass out.
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subMission Hypnosis Session
35+ Minute DEEP HypnoD/s Session in which the pleasures of hypnosis are unlocked and explored leaving you weak and helpless to resist MY control.
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Sick Twisted Little Bitch Hypnosis Session
Direct and intense this session is wild. A little more aggressive than MY normal sessions ... and deals more with MY sick twisted desire to control and own you as MY playthingy pet ... MY mind toy ... sexy and addictive ... and UMMMM so PORSCHE-RIFFIC!
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Hypnovana Hypnosis Session
Hypnovana 20 minutes of pure pleasure dripping from MY silky lips ... glossing over the cares of the world and suspending you in MY tiny hand. SOOOOOOOOOOO sexy.
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subCONSCIOUS Hypnosis Session
deep 20 minute hypnosis session. Takes deep control over your subconcious mind and holds you my captive ... over & over again!
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Mind Sucker Hypnosis Session
25 minute Vampiress fantasy session of the succubus of the mind type. Deep hypnotic role playing experience in which I suck you to the point of weakness and flood you with euphoric feelings of rapture.
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Ass Worship Hypnosis Session
Worship MY sweet ass as it transforms you into MY personal ass kissing hypnoslave ... watch it ... want it ... worship it ... UMMM your ass belongs to MY ass ... MY words take you down under ... as your mind becomes centered on worshipping MY ass in so many ways.
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Fade Away Hypnosis Session
33 Minutes of deep, sensual hypnosis. 5 layers of penetrating trance inducing hypnotic control. A MistressPiece in all aspects. Watch MY video in the about to learn more!
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Mesmereyes Hypnosis Session
Look into MY eyes and be swept away on the downward spiral of hypnotic delight. Controlling you with MY eyes and further addicting you to MY hypnotic talents. UMMMMMMM so heavenly?look into MY eyes and be hypnotized & controled.
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Numb Hypnosis Session
UMMMMMMMM wanna go numb? Why of course you do, and what better feeling is there then a little novocaine to the brain. UMMMMMM devilishly wicked!
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